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FALL 2020






October 30, 2020



Xsection: A Dance and Science Film Festival sparking interdisciplinary collaboration between dance - science - film. 

The methodologies of scientific research and dance creation are abstract. Films can document visual forms and create a tangible record of these concepts. The vision of XSFF is to archive the expression of current scientific findings and instigate with dancemakers on topical scientific issues - space exploration - medical advancements- fundamental principles. The platform is open to interpretation as long as artists are collaborating across disciplines of science and dance. 

Meet The Team

Margaret Wiss


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Margaret Wiss is interested in the interaction between dance and science. As a choreographer and artist, she wishes to reveal the invisible motion of physical forces in the world. Attracted to dynamic movement, which investigates the perception of dance as a scientific sport, she explores the interactions of dance and the environment – inside and outside the body. She has performed at multiple venues, notably The Kennedy Center and Boston’s Institute of Contemporary Art, and has worked with Pilobolus Dance Theater as well as choreographers Jennifer Hart, Kinsun Chan, and Adele Myers. Her work has been presented across the United States. She has choreographed for PDX Contemporary Ballet, North Atlantic Dance Theatre, The Harvard Ballet Company and the DanceBARN Festival. This past fall she was a Visiting Artist at Mount Holyoke College and choreographed for the Five College Dance Department. She is a member of the International Association for Dance Medicine and Science. A graduate of Mount Holyoke College, magna cum laude, she received a Bachelor of Arts in Dance Kinesiology with high honors from the dance department.She has an MFA in Dance from NYU Tisch School for the Arts. 

Colin Minigan


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Colin Minigan is a Composer born in Massachusetts. His music is concerned with issues of space, time, and the dichotomy between human society and the natural world. He takes interest in American experimental music, as well as (among others) the traditional music of Bali, Tuva, and Uganda. He uses these varied interests to inform his own compositions. In addition to concert music, he has also composed music for theater and dance.

Colin obtained his B.A. in music composition from Skidmore College in 2016, where he studied Composition and Ethnomusicology.  He holds a Masters in Composition from Berklee College of Music at Boston Conservatory. He has studied West African, East and Central Asian music at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London, and has attended the Wintergreen Summer Music Festival, and the inaugural season of Connecticut Summerfest.​

Colin has studied composition privately with Daron Hagen and Anthony Holland.

He also plays and teaches piano and guitar.

Alexandra Rigobon


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Alexandra Rigobon carries a copy of the periodic table of elements in her wallet. A materials scientist by training, she is interested in the application of scientific concepts outside of the traditional world of research and technology. Most notably, Alexandra spent a year researching the structure of pointe shoes and developing customizable inserts that improve comfort while en pointe and reduce risk of injury to ballerinas. She has also worked at VICARTE in Lisbon, collaborating with local glass artists and conservationists while exploring the application of 3D-printing to the art form. Alexandra is also a passionate advocate of STEAM education, working to improve accessibility and promote interest in underserved communities, including piloting a global teaching program in Fortaleza, Brazil. She is a graduate of MIT's Department of Materials Science and Engineering.


7-8 PM











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